is invented and created by Karin & Michael Vink from The Netherlands. In 1996 we got married in Sri Lanka and from that moment on we are infected with the so called ‘backpackers virus’. Since then we travel around the world with our videocameras. On our journeys we shoot dozens of video tapes full of brilliant material. At home, we select the finest video and then produce an impression of our journey. That was the reason for us to start with inside of PasCrea videoproductions. On this way, we can offer our great shots to many people for productions or projects. Video and internet play an important role on promoting travel destinations for travel companies. However, the budget does not always allow a company to hire a film crew for various destinations to make promotional films. With we have a quick solution for everyone! Since 2011 we are a member of Team TravelTelly. TT consists of a small group of passionate people, who all love to travel around the globe and experience new cultures. Not only for shooting video shots for you or your company, we also have our own online travel magazine, a platform for photo/videographers and we write articles about travel. Soon they launch also an app! For more information check TravelTelly ABOUT US CONTACT HOME is a part of PASCREA videoproductions.